Number Masking

Best Call Masking or Number Masking Services in India

Call Masking or Call Masking Services in India allows a business to hide contact detail data between their employees and the customers. They can easily protect the privacy of their users by providing or assigning a different Virtual Number to both, a user and the customer.
When a customer makes a call using the app, the request is delivered to the XclusiveDesk server automatically. At the server, the customer's phone number is mapped to a temporary virtual number. Then the call forwarded to the Company's agent with the allocated virtual number ID. Without sharing the customer’s real number, the call gets connected to each other, both the agent and the customer.

It is now proven that using a number masking can save millions of Data. Call Masking Services in India keeps all the transactions rigorously or strictly on the platform to control the communication and prevent any possible frauds. Get your Number masking facility with the best Number Masking Service Providers in India.

Our Number masking facility allows you to access all the recordings, call duration. It is a source of complete acquisition. Create and examine reports that provide information about call logs, volume, duration, and call abandonment. Comprehensive call dashboards provide a graphical interface for viewing the current status of all ongoing, on-hold, and disconnected calls.

Few Important Benefits

Track calls with Call Masking Services in India and Reduce Frauds

We deliver two way number masking or Best Call Masking for Business facility which help you to save and secure all the private information of both parties.

Click to Call API Integration

Allow all the users to dial a call directly from the call button which is available on the website or app through click to call API Integration.

Call Recording

For quality purpose and reduce chance of frauds, you can monitor all the call recording here. All the call automatically recorded when connected to each other. This is the finest feature in our best Call Masking for Business.

Call Logs

Keep track of all your outbound or inbound calls and download call detail reports on fingertips with our portal which is very easy to manage and access.

Call Analytics

Analyze all the calls for better ROI and find out the KPIs or Key performing indicators which can help you to make more conversions. Get your Number masking services with the best Number Masking Service Providers in India – XclusiveDesk.

What we Do for you?

Our experts have years of successful experience to deliver quality service and there are many many users who already using our services for years. For the solution of Number masking, we have made our own position in terms of quality, creativity and customer service experience. Being one of the top Number masking Service Providers in India, we ensure to keep us updated to secure your internal data.

Call masking facility allow you to make safe your data which also save privacy for both the parties, one is the client or user and second is your agent or staff. We have one of the best Call masking for business that allow businesses to secure data.

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