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Outbound Calling

Outbound calling comes in handy when you have to spread the word to a large number of customers. Many OBD campaigns run during election time for the promotion of the candidate. You can choose to play a recorded message when the customer picks up an Obd call. An OBD can also be of the interactive type where we can take input from the user in the form of digits. for eg: Press 1 for Yes, and press 2 for No.


Transactional & Promotional

You can choose to create either a transactional campaign or a promotional OBD campaign.

Normal OBD or DTMF

You can play a normal recorded message or you can also take input from the customer.


Easily make audio files by simply typing the text that you want to convert to speech.

Caller Groups

Create different groups of customers which you can select for different OBD campaigns.

Spread the Word to a Large Set of People.

An OBD campaign is the simplest and the fastest method to make sure that you reach out to a large number of audience.

You can run polls on outbound calls by allowing the customers to input their opinion.

Saves you a lot more time and money to hire manpower by making bulk calls at once. Otherwise, promoting something one person at a time is time consuming.

See and download reports to analyse the customer response to an interactive OBD call to know their inclination.

+91 9810244800