Automated Outbound Calling Services Provider in India

Automated OutBound Calling Services, Getting A-Class OutBound calling services

Xclusive Desk’s OBD services make your business work in “Everything simpler” way. We offer the most exclusive and unique services under the Outbound calling services. Now you can get in touch with millions of customers in no time using high-quality OBD services. In business, there’s always a need for keeping your audience engaged with the exemplary voice calling and SMS services. Especially for small enterprises, it's crucial to give away their best services to let people know about their existence.

OBD services, hereby play an important role in your business. Your brand’s presence is vital to your target audience, but until and unless they should know about it, you can’t really get any hike in sales and revenue. Hence the OBD services have a great tendency to reach out to the masses and promote your business in a faster and efficient way.


Xclusive desk’s services for OBD includes the following -

  • Easy OBD setup
  • Instant reports
  • Real-time analysis dashboard
  • Web-based design
  • Scheduled calls and SMS
  • International approach 
  • NDNC & TRAI compliance


Obd services by Xclusive desk is here to help you for maintaining all customer calls and SMS requirements on demand. Our optimized outbound campaigns are based on high-technology and updated features. We deploy the automated outbound calling to make the latest product announcements, promotional offers, and status offer. The potential services given by our experts help get instant customer feedback.

OBD services by Xclusive Desk is very cost-effective and offers the most hi-tech way to reach out to your customers. With every outgoing call, you will be getting instant customer feedback. As a business, you’ll be having a personalized automated customer experience. Our robots will be creating the best designs and much-human like robotic sounds, for the best utilization of our OBD services for you.

Under the Xclusive desk services, your business will get to the best level of sales, leads and customer engagements. We even arrange the best campaign analytics where you can find out the right results for every business step. All of these will be helping you out to create more effective plans and strategies.                      


Transactional & Promotional

You can choose to create either a transactional campaign or a promotional OBD campaign.

Normal OBD or DTMF

You can play a normal recorded message or you can also take input from the customer.


Easily make audio files by simply typing the text that you want to convert to speech.

Caller Groups

Create different groups of customers which you can select for different OBD campaigns.

Spread the Word to a Large Set of People.

An OBD campaign is the simplest and the fastest method to make sure that you reach out to a large number of audience.

You can run polls on outbound calls by allowing the customers to input their opinion.

Saves you a lot more time and money to hire manpower by making bulk calls at once. Otherwise, promoting something one person at a time is time consuming.

See and download reports to analyse the customer response to an interactive OBD call to know their inclination.