Virtual Phone Number Services in Delhi, India

Easy Virtual number for every enterprise

Virtual numbers are making it a huge trend in the business to contact the customers directly. These numbers give a single destination to the whole team of the business, where you need not change the numbers again and again. It can be simply done by transferring the calls to the concerned team. For getting the best Virtual number services, you can directly contact the Xclusive desk, the Number 1 digital marketing service provider in the country!

We offer hands-on Virtual number of services to get your business calls at a completely new level. With easy to remember virtual numbers, there’s no question of forgetting it, and you can use the same number for the whole team. Our virtual numbers help you manage the phone calls anytime. Having a virtual number for the company helps you to manage the business, convert visitors into potential customers, and provides flexibility in the business.


Benefits of using our services -

  • The flexibility of managing business
  • Easy conversion of leads
  • Quick tracking, recording and responding
  • Easy identification of quality leads
  • Convert potential visitors into customers.
  • Easy management of business calls
  • Elimination of separate call numbers
  • One number of the whole team.

Xclusive Desk virtual number services have the best in analytics and integration ideas which lets you get the most of Virtual number services. With the regular use of our services, you can quickly get to benefits like Smart call routing, Universal CRM integration, multiple call handling, and the exclusive 24/7 support. Our hosted services for virtual numbers will make sure that you are the quickest to reach your customers and give the best support for VOIP, PSTN call service. The auto keyword spotting, IVR automation, and AI-based integration is the perfect blend of technology for your business.

Ultimately, Xclusive desk thoroughly analysis your business and give the most suitable virtual number services. You will be getting the virtual numbers as desired, and it will be directly helping your business increasing your sales and marketing. Let us know your requirements for Virtual numbers, we assure you’re gonna get the best benefits!


Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Phone Number

 Let’s have a look about the important points on Virtual phone number in form of frequently asked questions.


What is Virtual Phone Number?

 A virtual number or a Direct inward dialing or access number is a kind of telephone number which is not directly associated with any telephone line or SIM. Xclusivedesk is one of the finest virtual number service provider in India with years of successful services.


Why we need a Virtual Number for our Business and what are the benefits?

There are few important points that describe you why you need a virtual phone number for your business.


1. It helps you to make a local presence. 

2. It helps you to assign multiple phone number.

3. It makes a flexibility of managing business.

4. You can track record and respond to the customer using the same platform.

5. You can easily identify which lead is potential and which is not.

6. One number of the whole team which is very good for businesses.


 These benefits of virtual mobile number or virtual phone system can help to understand much more better about the potential leads. You can buy virtual phone number easily at XclusiveDesk.


Where to buy virtual phone number?

 XclusiveDesk is one of the best platform to buy Virtual number for your business. We are one of the best Virtual nubmer service provider in India and listed in top 10 virtual number providers in Delhi. So don't wait just buy your virtual phone number with XclusiveDesk.



Web Portal

Manage and track all the calls coming on your virtual number on our responsive and awesome web portal.

Identity Masking

Mask your employees' and customer's number with the virtual number to safeguard their identity.

Single Number, Multiple Benefits.

All your calls will be serviced because the barrier of sitting in front of a landline phone is removed.

Stop the misuse to customer's data by masking the actual number with a virtual number.

Handle multiple calls of customers at the same time through a single virtual number

Increase the productivity of your agent talents by allowing them to attend calls from anywhere and anytime.