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Virtual Number

The virtual number assigned to you will be a number with no physical telephone lines, hence the name virtual. The record of calls routed via through this virtual number can be easily maintained. All the conversation regarding your business can be routed through one virtual number, hence it is easy to maintain, uncompromised quality, and cost-efficient.


Web Portal

Manage and track all the calls coming on your virtual number on our responsive and awesome web portal.

Identity Masking

Mask your employees' and customer's number with the virtual number to safeguard their identity.

Single Number, Multiple Benefits.

All your calls will be serviced because the barrier of sitting in front of a landline phone is removed.

Stop the misuse to customer's data by masking the actual number with a virtual number.

Handle multiple calls of customers at the same time through a single virtual number

Increase the productivity of your agent talents by allowing them to attend calls from anywhere and anytime.