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Cloud CRM Solution for Business in India by XclusiveDesk

It is a prediction that the CRM or customer relationship management market will reach a whopping around $45 to $50 billion by 2022. Do you really want to know that what is CRM actually? Customer relationship management is the combination of strategies, technologies and practices that every agency use to manage and analyze customer data and interaction throughout the customer lifecycle.

The main goals of CRM are generally to create a better customer experience and relationship. XclusiveDesk is one of the top CRM Company in India providing Cloud based CRM Services in India for years. There are two types of CRM one is B2C and Second one is B2B.

A CRM is designed specifically to manage the needs of customer-facing organizations. Sales cycles are generally shorter, and lead sources are many, thus a single person may come in through multiple channels. The CRM should be dynamic enough to determine where sales are taking place and which sources are bringing in the most money. Because CRMs must deal with massive amounts of data, the internal search engine must be very efficient, and data segmentation must be well-structured.

Why you need CRM for your Business?

There are very few important signs of CRM that define you need a CRM software for your business given below.

1. If you have a lots of work and business to grow but not able to keep up with the lead flow, it is the sign that you need a CRM software that ensure smooth running of every flow. Your leads will be promptly sorted and prioritized by a sophisticated CRM system, allowing your sales force to reply to them in a fast and effective manner. This is the reason you should have best crm software for small business in India or medium business.

2. It is hard to locate your customer/client data: Spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails may have worked well when you have not a very huge amount of data to manage. But as it increased, those old tools limit customer interaction visibility by your team, as well as your ability to make quick and informed decisions will harm.

3. Your customer service is coming up short. It's difficult enough to get customers as it is. The last thing you want to happen is for them to leave because of poor service. It could be time to invest in a CRM system if your customer support team spends more time reacting to client complaints than anticipating customer needs. The ability to successfully manage case flow while maintaining a single perspective of your customer allows you to wow your customers with exceptional service, which keeps them coming back.

4. Your reporting process takes much time. If your agent or sales person are putting data manually to produce reports, they’re not spending as much time as they should be selling. CRM solutions can centralize all of your data in one location, making real-time reporting and accurate analysis a snap. Let’s book your best crm software for small business in India with XclusiveDesk and resolve every issue that you are facing to manage in big data.

What are the Features of CRM Software?

Our cloud CRM is a type of Customer Relationship Management software where the data and application are all held or hosted on the crm provider's server in a data center, and accessed through an internet browser. Cloud Based CRM, software-as-a-service or in short SaaS, web or online CRM. XclusiveDesk is one of the top crm Company in India providing its services for years. Important features that we have included in our CRM to deliver more quality and process are given below.

  • Opportunities. Potential Sales in CRM.
  • Contacts. Contacts can be related to many accounts with specific relationships and roles.
  • Opportunities. Potential Sales in CRM.
  • Leads. Converting leads to opportunity/account/contact.
  • Analytics.

What Data says on importance of web based CRM?

Data is King, you can trust on every data which is in form of statistics.

  • CRM software has grown to become the world's largest software market, with no signs of slowing down. CRM is on track to generate more than $80 billion in sales by 2025.
  • Accessibility is one of the most important aspects driving CRM's growth.
  • Companies want real-time access to customer data, and mobile and cloud solutions are leading the way.
  • Companies increasingly demand to be able to connect platforms and technologies with client data in order to create a more personalized experience, from customer support to email marketing to personalization.
  • Those that have embraced these technologies have experienced a significant increase in employee adoption of CRM software as well as reaching sales targets - Buyer Zone (formerly reports that 91 percent of organizations with more than 11 workers now utilize CRM software. CRM Company in India like XclusiveDesk can help you to find out the suitable CRM for your business.

For What Industries the CRM can help?

Our Cloud based CRM System can help your business in a way to save your cost and time to increase your conversions. We offer our CRM for Call Centre, CRM for Travel Agency, CRM for IT Company, CRM for Manufacturing industry and CRM for Other industry. We have one of the best crm software for small business in India that can help your business to grow and upgrade. Let’s understand it below.

CRM for Call Centre: Our Cloud based CRM for Call Centre is very useful and can help you to manage all the information and client related data at one place as already described above. Book your best CRM Software in India with XclusiveDesk today.

CRM for Travel Agency: Our CRM for Travel agency can help an agent to find all their client data at one place, also it help to track and manage all the call flow and follow ups using our Cloud based Customer Relationship Management System.

CRM for IT Company: CRM is now a very important need for Information technology companies to manage and record all their work in their office. We at XclusiveDesk have the best CRM for IT Company in India.

CRM for Manufacturing Industry: Our Cloud based Customer Relationship Management System or CRM for manufacturing industry can help easily businesses to grow and help them to track, manage and update all the important information related to customer/client. This is the reason why we have one of the best CRM Software in India for your business.

CRM for Other Industry: Our CRM is not related to a specific industry, it help you to update all your data that you want to edit and can be used for the purpose related to your work. We deliver one of the best CRM Software in India as per many reputed blogs and articles you can find online.

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