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    Xclusive Desk is a leading service provider for IVR solutions in the country. We offer the smartest and the most responsive IVR service system for making your business standout the best. IVR stands for Integrated Voice Response, which is an automated telephony system. It helps businesses to interact with the callers and respond accordingly to the business requirements.

    With the right use of IVR systems, you can gather information about the customers and route the calls as required. With the IVR services, our smart IVR services configured through a virtual number gives the perfect working flexibility to save you as well as the customer’s time. Our agency is one of the best IVR service provider in Delhi, India providing service for several years. Xclusive Desk gives the benefits of its cloud services to generate more leads for your business. You can even personalize your IVR to address the customers by their names.

    Our IVR systems will benefit you in the following ways –

    • Customized IVR solutions
    • Personalized IVR system
    • Highly-defined business approach
    • Increase in the agent’s productivity
    • Easy call handling
    • Pre-defined customer support
    • Quick prediction of customer issue
    • 24/7 availability

    The IVR solutions offered by us are the best ones you’ll be getting to run your business. Our IVR system is available 24/7 to provide uninterrupted support to your customers. According to your business relevancy, you can record the messages for your customers on voice call. You can record the calls and real-time projects and put the data safely for further use. The automatic IVR call routing system easily route the calls between different departments, and you need not take much effort in addressing your client’s queries.

    With our IVR system in your services, you can maintain the call logs, have call updates, and collect all the possible data for further CRM processing. You can use the call recording for internal training purposes. Xclusive Desk is happy to introduce its IVR system business for every category business and enterprise. You are free to choose your favorite IVR number and use it. Our experts will even help first-time users to clear out all the confusions related to the IVR solutions! Contact or submit your details, we are one of the best IVR Service provider in Delhi, India and providing IVR system for business in India for several years.

    Cloud Solution

    With cloud IVR system, you can access it from anywhere from the cloud on any device.

    Call Volume

    IVR System can handle huge call volumes and process all the calls.

    Lead Management

    Cloud IVR System comes with a lead management CRM for better followups.

    24*7 Available

    IVR system will be available round the clock for better servicing of the customers.

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    Why To Choose Us

    • We deliver one of the best IVR Services in India with all-time support service.
    • The use of IVR Service is very important these days, and we know how to deliver it at the right time at an affordable price. We have years of experience in the same and many reputed big brands and small/medium businesses are connected with us for several years.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    An IVR system or IVR service also known as Interactive voice response system for big or small business used and allow customer/client to interact with a computer generated already recorded system through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via mobile phone keypad.

    For Example if a user name Ravi calling to a company name XYZ using an IVR system the call looks like when the call connected “welcome to XYZ company, for English Press 1, for Hindi press 2“, later on multiple more options in form of numbers from 1 to 9 and the user can click on any button to connect with the correct department. This is IVR System in India or IVR service in India.


    Be it a small business or large one, hiring people to answer phone calls become a bit of costly and burden to your company. Suppose if you will hire an exclusive person who will first listen to the customer or user then connect calls to the different department is also not an easy and good thing because at the same time maybe there are end number of calls.

    IVR help each and every user to connect with the right department like Accounts, delivery, services, customer care etc. Also it helps to make calls in queue if the particular department official is already on an another call, which is one of the best thing.

    XclusiveDesk and our dedicated team members are one of the best IVR service provider in India. Also we are listed in among the list of top IVR companies in India of 2021.

    We know IVR service is one of the popular service among the small medium and big companies. From big brand to the small businesses most of each and every one is now using IVR System through an IVR Software provided by the IVR services providers like Xclusivedesk. Also it reduce handle time, deflect inbound calls etc.

    There are few easy and simple steps to connect IVR system with your Company’s single phone.

    • Step 1 : Contact to the best IVR solution providers in India like XclusiveDesk and take IVR system free demo.
    • Step 2 : Consult with them and tell your requirements to the experts.
    • Step 3 : Once IVR Voice call is ready then testing demo will be given.
    • Step 4 : Finalization and Live


    For more additional information you can call directly to +91-9971925050 for offers or a Free Demo. Contact for the call centre IVR systems, Small Business IVR Service, Business IVR service, Call centre IVR Service, Banking IVR service, Travel IVR service, Manufacturing Industry IVR Service, Cinema IVR service and rest of businesses.

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