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Best quality IVR solutions for your business, IVR system services by Xclusive desk

Xclusive Desk is a leading service provider for IVR solutions in the country. We offer the smartest and the most responsive IVR service system for making your business standout the best. IVR stands for Integrated Voice Response, which is an automated telephony system. It helps businesses to interact with the callers and respond accordingly to the business requirements.

With the right use of IVR systems, you can gather information about the customers and route the calls as required. With the IVR services, our smart IVR services configured through a virtual number gives the perfect working flexibility to save you as well as the customer’s time. Xclusive Desk gives the benefits of its cloud services to generate more leads for your business. You can even personalize your IVR to address the customers by their names.

Our IVR systems will benefit you in the following ways -

  • Customized IVR solutions
  • Personalized IVR system
  • Highly-defined business approach 
  • Increase in the agent’s productivity
  • Easy call handling
  • Pre-defined customer support
  • Quick prediction of customer issue
  • 24/7 availability


The IVR solutions offered by us are the best ones you’ll be getting to run your business. Our IVR system is available 24/7 to provide uninterrupted support to your customers. According to your business relevancy, you can record the messages for your customers on voice call. You can record the calls and real-time projects and put the data safely for further use. The automatic IVR call routing system easily route the calls between different departments, and you need not take much effort in addressing your client’s queries.

With our IVR system in your services, you can maintain the call logs, have call updates, and collect all the possible data for further CRM processings. You can use the call recording for internal training purposes. Xclusive Desk is happy to introduce its IVR system business for every category business and enterprise. You are free to choose your favorite IVR number and use it. Our experts will even help first-time users to clear out all the confusions related to the IVR solutions!


Cloud Solution

With cloud IVR system, you can access it from anywhere from the cloud on any device.

Call Volume

Ivr System can handle huge call volumes and process all the calls.

Lead Management

Cloud IVR System comes with a lead management CRM for better followups.

24*7 Available

IVR system will be available round the clock for better servicing of the customers.

IVR system can handle all your business calls and give you reports of all the communications.

Get real time reporting of the calls on your panel and analyze them.

Track the efforts put in by your agents. Get reports of their break time and time on call.

Easily integrate CRM with our IVR system for managing your leads better.