Tracking Marketing ROI

Tracking Marketing ROI - Best Performance Based Marketing Agency

The most basic method of calculating a marketing campaign's ROI is to include it in the overall business line calculation. Being the best performance based marketing agency, we now very sure about that ROI or return on investment tracking is very important for your business. Take the business or product line's sales growth, remove the marketing costs, and divide by the marketing cost. Linking to virtual company numbers to run online and offline advertisements, as well as monitoring and tracking each campaign, would help you to digitize your marketing campaigns. From deep analytics insights, track every interaction to provide a refined and proactive customer experience and scale with ease.

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The last problem is the time span once you have a very good calculation. Marketing is a multi-touch, long-term strategy that leads to increased sales over time. For the purpose of simplicity, we used a month-to-month change. However, the change is more likely to be spread over several months or even a year. As the campaign begins to penetrate the target market, the ROI of the first months in the series may be flat or poor. As time passes, sales should increase, and the campaign's overall return on investment should improve. We are one of the top Performance based marketing agency in India and under top 5 Result based marketing company.


International Reach

Analyze marketing ROI on a global level. Get virtual numbers for both national and international markets. Result Based Marketing Company like XclusiveDesk help you to get the same conversions as you want.


Campaign Logs

Take proactive actions based on the state of running, completed, and paused campaigns related to the virtual number.


Marketing Campaigns with a Purpose

To boost client interaction while saving time to deliver product information and more, use virtual numbers, missed calls, toll-free numbers, and click-to-call marketing campaigns.


Analyzing Individual Performance

All live calls made and received by your agents are recorded, and the data is tracked and analyzed using an advanced analytical dashboard.


Monitor and track your marketing activities by repurposing your resources for a higher return on investment. We know that Data is king, hence we are improving our tracking methods and give more descriptive data analysis. The data analysis will help to calculate how many leads your received which tells near about the exact number & return on investment. We deliver tracking marketing ROI of your campaign which help you more to grow.


Grow your business with one of the top and best Result based marketing company and under top 5 Performance based marketing agency – XclusiveDesk.