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MissCall System

Misscall system is the easiest way to generate leads. It effectively grabs the leads as the caller is easily lured into giving a miss-call rather than a full-fledged call. The major benefit of the Misscall system is that the call center does not have to hire dedicated agents to attend the callers. The reporting is also fast compared to normal inbound calling.


Lead Generation

Generate leads without having to hire manpower to attend calls, just get one miss call number to get leads.


Get reports of the miss call leads with their circle and operator details.

CRM Integration

Integrate a custom CRM with your miss call number and get leads at all panels.

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience by having their valuable opinion at zero cost to them.

Do not miss out on quality leads with a Miss Call number

No need of hiring manpower to attend your calls. Just run a miss call campaign to get the leads.

Miss call campaigns can be used to get polls, run contest and for for opt-in or opt-out features.

Publish the miss call numbers on your business promotions and get quality response from the customers.

Prepare your database for bulk voice calls by running miss call campaigns and filtering the interested and potential customers.