Toll Free Number Services in Delhi, India

Get Toll-free number for your Business, The toll-free number within minutes!

To increase the digital business in your favor, toll-free numbers is something which is a must-have. In order to generate more lads, and increase your customer sales, you can easily call us for taking the easiest toll-free numbers. When a customer sees off a toll-free number in your website, they are free to call you up and know more about your business, and this would not cost them anything!

The toll-free number services will increase your brand value as the customer will be directly able to reach you out. You can improve the business satisfaction using our toll-free number solutions. We have both the National and International outreach for our toll-free numbers, and you will not have to invest in the onsite infrastructure. Also, the toll-free numbers will enhance your business’s credibility and will be available 24x7.


  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Automated call routing
  • Blacklist and Whitelist accordingly
  • On-time Call duration
  • Easy CRM integration


Xclusive desk offers you the best platform for getting the easiest toll-free numbers. The solutions created by our experts for the toll-free number will leave no mile solutions unturned. After you’ve got your desired toll-free number, you can easily integrate it with your leading CRM software, access call logs in real-time, use the auto-driven analysis, set the caller preferences, and even set an average call duration time as well.

With the toll-free number services tracking of individual marketing services is also possible. If you run the business on a big scale, have different marketing platforms then you must be having multiple toll-free numbers. This makes it even more important for you to track the performance of your marketing ideas and results.                  

Our toll-free numbers are very easy to remember, causing no much effort for your customers. Also, you won’t have to pay a huge amount for activating our Toll-free numbers, you can enjoy our business without investing anything much! Xclusive Desk is the best find for your business to get high-quality toll-free number services. We make sure that your business will be getting the best possible technical help every time of your requirement!                  


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Toll Free Number and Uses?

 Toll free numbers are those Freephone numbers that is billed for all incoming or arriving calls instead of outgoing or incurring call charges to the originating telephone user or subscriber. Most of medium and big business companies are using toll free number for their business as a service to customer. XclusiveDesk is one of the best toll free services provider in India providing their services at affordable price. We have years of experience in toll free number for business from many years. 


How to get toll free number?

 If you have a business and want to provide best service to your client or customer then starting with the toll free number is one of the best option to start with. For getting a toll free number you need to book your number from the best toll free number providers like XclusiveDesk. Then the next option you can choose a toll free number plan, there are many toll free number packages available, then hit the purchase and provide KYC Documents along with a purchase order. Also you can connect your Toll free number with IVR system forwarding customer calls directly to your agents. Contact us to buy toll free number today and get a good discounted price and affordable 1800 number is also available.


What is the benefit of toll free number?

 A toll free number comes with various useful service or features like Call Recording, IVR System, Call monitoring and Analytics. These features help you to enhance more call quality of your agent and also you can take a track record on it. These toll free number for business are very popular in India. It helps your business to :-

• Looks Professional

Broadens your Exposure

• Building your business a Brand


• Convenient

• Measurable.



 If you are thinking " toll free number for my company" then this is the right time for having it for your business and make your reputation among client. Call directly to +91-9971925050 for offers or a Free Demo.



Free Calling

More customers will reach out to you because calling will come without any cost for them.


Toll Free numbers make your business look more professional to your potential customers.

Increase Reach

Increase your reach globally to the national and international market.

Catchy Number

Toll-Free numbers are easy to remember, hence the customers will easily recall your brand.

Toll Free number is beneficial for both you and your customers.

You get more leads as the customer will avail the free calling service to get in touch with you.

Make your business more visible by choosing toll free number.

Widen your reach globally as the client can call you without having to spend a dime.

Makes your brand appear stronger and better with a toll free number that makes you look good in the business.