How IVR for Business Works and helps to save time and money!

Welcome your customers with a professional IVR or Interactive Voice Response system provided by XclusiveDesk and route calls to the correct executive or team based on the caller's input during the call. We are one of the IVR solution providers in India providing and delivering services to business users.

What is Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)?

Let's understand why IVR is much popular among businesses and how it solves many problems and at a very effective price. It is a technology that allows a voice that is pre-recorded to interact with users on call through vocal and DTMF tones input ia the keypad on that user's phone. The use of IVR for small business, Medium business, and big business are now very normal and most companies are using it. 

The IVR Analytics:-

IVR data analytics offers a number of insights that can help with decision-making for enhancing the performance of your call center, typically by boosting some kind of efficiency.

What are the types of IVR?

There are two types of IVR, Single Level, and Multi-Level.

Single Level IVR:

It is the simplest form of IVR used by many business owners. Single-level IVR is ideal for straightforward use cases when connecting an agent or sending a message that only requires one input. 

Multi-level IVR:

Multi-level IVR might be compared to an IVR within an IVR. The creation of an IVR menu with a 0–9 prompt is unmanageable. In this process, you can use many layers of IVR in your call flow to streamline the workflow.

What are the benefits of having IVR for business?

Make a call journey of users to your business and connect it to the right department for the right solution for users, and save the time of both user and business. 

A few of the important benefits of IVR are given below:-

Offer Personalized Experience: Personalise customer or client interactions through welcome greetings like their name, while predicting their needs based on their previous work or interaction history.

Easy to Set up and Activate: Ease of use and setup makes this solution more reliable and trustable. Get your IVR Solution with the best IVR solution providers like us.

Manage Large Call Volumes: Now you can manage big amount of call volume at the same time using IVR Solution. Your users do have not to wait for long now.

Enhance Brand Image: IVR is the perfect solution for enhancing your brand image. As the system helps users with the expert using the IVR option which helps to make a very strong brand image among the users. 

Continuous availability 24/7: Make available your business 24*7 as the IVR take the response of every call and send a notification to the given department even when your business is closed for few time. The agent can see notification and call to the users which help to be available in front of your customers. We have the best IVR for small businesses, medium businesses, and big businesses. Contact us for more information today.

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