How Bulk Voice Call Marketing Process Works? Know Here

Bulk Voice Call marketing which is also known as OBD or OBD Marketing is a type of method of sending a recorded voice message to a very huge amount or number of recipients simultaneously. It is a very amazing way to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers/clients. 

Also, the conversion rate of voice call marketing services is really high in comparison to many other marketing methods. It can be used for any kind of industry like travel, manufacturing, political campaigns, hotels, resorts, announcements, events, etc. 

How it can be done?

First of all, you need to create a voice message that you want to send to your target audience. This message can contain all the information within a half minute or a minute. You can also link your Voice call marketing system with IVR to provide some options.

The next step is database preparation. You compile a database of telephone numbers of the audience that you want to target. This could be your new customer or existing customers or a list of numbers. It is crucial to understand that you have permission to contact these individuals as unsolicited voice messages can be considered spam. 

For voice broadcasting service, you need to choose a voice broadcasting solution provider that provides bulk voice call marketing solutions. Usually, these service providers are equipped to manage numerous calls at once.

Now it is time to upload the messages and contacts to your software or system for a bulk voice call message shoot. It allows you to reach a wide range of your audience. 

During the scheduled time, the voice call marketing service starts placing calls to the phone numbers that you have uploaded to your list. When recipients answer their call they hear your recorder messages and the option to choose IVR with it. 

For example, if the caller receives the call then they will hear "Welcome to xyz company, we provide result-oriented digital marketing services, help click 1, for a call back click 2"

You can also track the success of your campaign which can help your business easily understand the potential areas of conversions. 

Apart from this, you can also track your campaign management like the effectiveness of your campaign and the delivery. Also, you can track the wrong numbers and you can unsubscribe for next time. 

Hope we can help you about voice call marketing solution, please leave a comment below if we are able to help you.