How to Create Successful SMS Marketing Campaign?

Before understanding, first, we should know what is sms marketing and how it works.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is also known as promoting your business, services, and products through text messages. Text marketing or SMS Marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods to increase conversions. During the time of 2003, the first commercial sms mobile services was launched. But these days still it is a powerful marketing method to start with. 

Benefits of SMS marketing:-

It increases the sales. SMS marketing or SMS marketing campaigns has a very high open rate which is more than 70%, still a powerful method instead of Email marketing. You have a very wide market and a huge audience to connect with.

Better customer engagement: Using an SMS Campaign your business can engage better customer interaction and engagement. 

Cost Friendly: SMS campaigns are one of the cheapest way for marketing as it cost very low. 

Increase Brand Awareness: SMS is a proven method for brand awareness. If you want to make your business a brand value, then SMS marketing is a powerful tool. 

How to create a successful SMS Marketing Campaign:-

1. Apply for DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology with your SMS Template first

2. Create a Title relevant to your business service with your business name

3. Create a description including all the information about your company, the product details, and a clear call to action.

4. Start shooting the campaign to hundreds of thousands of people.

SMS Marketing Panel Features:-

- You can track delivery reports here.

- You can add a group for a bulk SMS marketing campaign

- You can check your balance and available credits

- You can check Sent SMS, failed, delivered, and rejected Report

- Push SMS option available

- Operator services option

- You can download the Report

- File Upload SMS

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