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Telesales & Lead Management

Improve your sales and revenue with our lead management system. Telemarketing made easy with these IVR systems to increase your Return On Investment (ROI). The sales team will always have a handful of leads to follow-up with, hence increasing your sales. The portal helps you with managing your quality leads in a better and more organized way.


Manage Leads

Manage your leads in an organized way with our cloud solution to never miss out on any lead.

Followup CRM

Followup with your lead on the date agreed upon, and set the status of the lead, or close the lead.

Click to Call

Agents can simply click on the number of their lead to initiate the call and then fill up details of the calls in the CRM.

Easy Setup

Set up your call center on the cloud within minutes and start making calls and managing leads on the go.

Improve Your Sales by Efficiently Managing Your Leads

Make calls without any hassle of the landline or hardware PRI. Call on the go with your mobile phone.

Get live report tracking of the call on the panel. If it is a returning lead, you can also see the name of the lead.

Saving the interest level of the lead to decide the priority as to whom to followup first.

Start making calls without making any big investment to buy expensive PRI cards and server. Just login on the software and you are good to go.